Save 75¢ on 2 Windex Glass cleaner

Windex Original Purchased 6 Sept 2005 in Atlan...

Windex Original Purchased 6 Sept 2005 in Atlanta, GA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used 2 coupons today at Walgreens.

Save 75¢ on 2 Windex Glass cleaner

Walgreens also had a $1 off coupon for Northern TP (12 roll) in the book at the front of the store – sale price $6.99 – $1 0ff coupon.


There is a 2nd Claritin coupon. This time for Claritin-D.

In addition to a dose of loratadine (5mg) Claritin-D adds the additional drug pseudoephedrine sulfate (120 mg) specifically to relieve the symptom of nasal congestion.

SAVE $4.00 on any Non-Drowsy Claritin-D Allergy Product (15 count or larger)

You will typically need to ask the counter at the pharmacy for this product. Retailers typically have a card describing the product on the shelf (next to the regular claritin) to bring to the pharmacy counter.

Hand Cream Coupon

hand cream coupons

$1.00 off Neutrogena® Hand Cream

I can personally attest that this stuff works really well.  I went surfing last Saturday in Santa Cruz California at Steamer Lane and forgot to put sunscreen lotion on the back of my hands. (Most of my body is covered by my wetsuit)  Long story short…. I had really sunburned hands.  I printed this coupon and purchased some the Neutrogena hand cream at Walgreens.  I lathered them up and by today my hands are just super tan. Pain is gone and no peeling to speak off.  What more can you ask from a hand lotion?

Save $1.00 off Starbucks Coffee at the Grocery store with this printable coupon

$1 off Starbucks coffee coupon

I actually prefer to make my starbucks at home.  I find you sometimes get bad cups in the shop. If the barista is new or a slacker who doesn’t keep the machines clean you get bad tasting coffee.  At home it’s always perfect (well most of the time.)

Starbuck was just on sale for $7.99 at Safeway and here is another $1 savings!

$4.00 off Non-Drowsy Claritin

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Photo of skin test about 15 minutes after the ...

Photo of skin test about 15 minutes after the application of allergens and the scratching. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Claritin temporarily relieves symptoms for many Allergy sufferers.  Works well for hay fever (which is an common name for an allergy to pollen, dust, or other floating particulate substances in the air) and other allergies.  Symptoms relieved by Clairitin include runny nose, sneezing,   itchy  nose, throat and eyes. Claritin may be used to treats hives as it can help relieve the redness and iching.  It works by counter acting the your bodies  histamine reaction to allergens.  The main active ingedient in Claritin is Loratadine.

$4.00 off Non-Drowsy Claritin Allergy Product

Offer distribution end 5/26/2012 or while supplies last.

Last day to redeem is 1/31/2013

Poolcare products – strategic shopping deals in the offseason (April 10th poolcare coupons)

My friend John runs a poolcare service.  We go surfing together when our schedules permit and inevitably I hear a story in the spring time of how a pool owner wants thier murky pool cleaned up in an unreasonably short length of time for an event.

I’m trying to get John to go surfing this weekend and so I guess it resulted in me to noticing some nice pool chemical and testing supply deals.  By combining coupons with off season incentive pricing at pool chemical retailers you can save on your annual pool cost of ownership.

Keep your pool sparkling blue or help turn that a mirky pond into something you want to swim in again. 🙂

$2.00 OFF HTH® 6-Way Test Strips

Coupons for disinfecting wipes available nationwide in the Unted States

Disinfecting wipes are convienient and efficient for many cleaning needs. Hospitals are now deploying disinifectant wipe solutions so maybe these are a good option for your kitchen or bathroom. You can clean and disinfect nonporous surfaces and fixtures throughout your home in a snap.  These pre-saturated wipes don’t dry out as quickly as some of the others I’ve tried. They also bunch up less than some others.

Here are some coupons to incent you to try disinfecting wipes in your home.


35 ct. package only – Buy ONE (1) Get ONE (1) Scotch-Brite™ Botanical Disinfecting Wipes Free

BOGO Coupon for Scotch Brite Wipes


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